Natalie Cowan




Hello, I’m Natalie. I am a graphic designer who thrives in fast-paced, creative environments. 

I strive to bridge the divide between art and information, and am dedicated to crafting outstanding materials for visual communication.

After university I took a chance on my passions and joined Venables Bell + Partners’ Studio department as Presentation Artist. There I honed my skills in layout design and information flow. Continuing to push for more design opportunities, I developed Studio’s design capabilities by bringing in new client work, creating the role of Studio Designer and expanding my own responsibilities within the department. In 2018 I joined the VB+P Design team (a very exciting move!) furthering the scope of consumer-facing work I produce. As I continue to progress, I hope to take on more UI/UX projects to marry my interests in graphic design and information consumption.

Outside of work, I’m often found wandering the city in search of new street art and murals (I’m documenting my finds daily at @chasingspraypaint). I’ve promised myself to visit at least one new international place each year, with dreams of living and working abroad. Hand lettering rap lyrics is my latest creative venture, and I enjoy holding conversations entirely in .gifs.